Today marks eight years. And to be honest, it really feels like any other day. Chris and I have been in full Sunday mode: laying around, making food, playing with Everett and just genuinely enjoying each other’s family company. I am lucky.

Writing sadness or explaining to you what I remember happening on that August night, just doesn’t feel right at the moment. Maybe because I’m not upset at all, maybe because so much time has passed since 2008, or maybe because I have such an incredible amount of love surrounding me right now, that all I can do is be thankful.

So on this day that marks when you left our world, I am saying thank you for what I have. Thank you for guiding me into motherhood. Thank you for showing me what a marriage was and how to be a loving wife. Thank you for raising me to understand the importance of family and solid roots.

Thank you for the accurate example you set on how to mother. I witnessed what it meant to stay at home with children, and can honestly say that’s the reason I was so driven to get to where I am now, with a husband, home and baby.

I can’t see you today, can’t speak with you, can’t hug you and bury my face in that familiar blonde hair. But I can sit here knowing you are still a part of all the beauty in my life, and celebrate how far our family has come since we lost you. All four of your kids are doing just fine, Mom.

I remember you. I thank you.

And I love you.

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